Ing.Consulting Dr.Painsi & Partner has the goal of providing its customers with complete services from planning to implementation. This complete coverage is our own standard for successful and above all practical solutions.

Our range of services and our methods are as follows: Quality Management, Environmental Management, Welding certification EN 1090, Energy-Management, Safety Management, as well as CE certifications for products used within the European Union.

We provide consultation for decision makers in firms and organizations in all industries. Our clients are small and mid-size firms in many different industries, as well as our clients also international firms and global players.

Thus, we have worked not only in Austria, but also in the EU as  in Hungary, Rumania, Slovenia, as well as in China and Russia. Public agencies and universities have used our consulting services as well as the private sector. Since 1994, Dr.Painsi & Partner has provided successful consultations for more than 250 firms and organizations.

About us

Our service is not only customized but also comprehensive. What others consider to be a lip service only, is the reality we live. Step by step we make sure that your project is completed as agreed upon and according to your wishes in a timely manner.


We are the partner that you can rely on, not only today but also in the future. If quality, continuity and reliability are important for you as well, please contact us.

News & Publications

Constantly up to date. We get to keep you informed about all tge relevant innovations in our domain.

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