Our range of services and our methods are as follows: Quality Management, Environmental Management, Welding certification EN 1090, Energy-Management, Safety Management, as well as CE certifications for products used within the European Union.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management 


An ISO 9001 certificate generates confidence and appreciation from your customers and business partners.

ISO 9001 in its updated version is an international norm for a quality management system. This norm describes the requirements to assure the quality of products and services. This norm is based on modern management principles that improve the output of a firm.

ISO 9001 and the model of process orientation support firms in this challenge. It can be applied regardless of the industry sector, whether in health, education, services, sales or trade or for a purely manufacturing firm.

Certification of a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 guarantees the reliability and customer orientation of your firm. The norm is targeted to the support of firms, the design of effective and efficient processes, the alignment of their process and customer orientation, and the improvement of the competitive situation of your firm.  



  •   Customer focus 

  •   Insistence on quality by management of the organization i.e. leadership 

  •   Competent staff i.e. engagement of people

  •   Process focus 

  •   Improvement in quality management 

  •   Evaluation of Risks and Chances

  •   Processes designed to derive decisions 

  •   Appropriate inputs 

  •   Context of Organization, Relationship management, as for example Inclusion of suppliers etc.


  •   Assurance of product and service quality 

  •   Standardization and optimization of production processes 

  •   Assurance of customer satisfaction 



ISO/TS 16949 - Quality norm for the automotive industry and trade

Certification in accordance with the actual revision with ISO/TS 16949:, the norm for QM systems in the automotive industry, is a prerequisite for inclusion in the group of suppliers of the automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.  The certification is based on an understanding of the requirements and their implementation as well as the continuous improvement of products and processes. Technical specification ISO/TS 16949:combines all previous and published requirements of the US and European automobile industry (QS9000, VDA6.1, AVSQ, EAQF 94) on the basis of ISO 9001.

A key requirement of ISO/TS 16949 is the fulfilment of customer-specific requirements, which automobile manufacturers impose in addition on the quality management system of their suppliers. The intent is to improve customer satisfaction and to note errors and risks in the production process and in the supply chain.  The specific focus is on the prevention of errors, rather than the correction of errors. 



DIN EN ISO 15189 specifies and augments the quality relevant requirements for medical laboratories in a logical extension of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:

  •   Emphasis on the technical abilities of the laboratory (competence of laboratory management and staff) 

  •   Structured and planned continuing education of the technical staff 

  •   Additional focus on the requirements for documentation 

  •   Quality control systems externally and internally 

  •   Measures for continuous quality optimization (preventive and correction measures, analyses of causality, including statistics) 

  •   Internal and external audits 

  •   Specific requirements for laboratory equipment (apparatus, reagents, input materials) 

  •   Unambiguous specifications for analysis before, during, and after processes 

  •   Specifications regarding the electronic data processing system used

  • Customer orientation


Environmental Management



The internationally recognized norm ISO 14001, the norm for environmental management systems, applies to any type of organization and to any industry. This norm was established by the International Standardization Organization ISO in 1996, was revised in the following years and is based on the idea of the continuing improvement of environmental services and adherence to environmental legal mandates. 


ISO 14001 contains the core elements for an effective environmental management system.  It may be applied to manufacturing firms as well as to service providers. The norm requires that environmental goals and programs are specified and that a management system exists to support the achievement of these goals. 

The essential elements of the norm are:

  •   Environmental policies 

  •   Planning 

  •   Execution and implementation 

  •   Measures for adjustments and improvements 

  •   Evaluation by top management


Safety Management

ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001)

The globalization of markets requires international firms to demonstrate their competency to outsiders.  In addition to certification of a quality and environmental management system, this also includes proof of the successful implementation of a health and safety management system. One such option is certification under norm ISO 45001.

Elements of ISO 45001 may be combined with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to form a comprehensive management system, where ISO 45001 is used as a matching norm to ISO 9001. Certification is achieved in analogy to the British norm BS 8800, which contains all basic requirements.

The application of this norm leads to a systematization of safety activities and an improvement of processes. The awareness of worker safety risks is strengthened, legal requirements regarding worker safety are fulfilled, open information regarding changes in worker safety and health protection is exchanged, and worker safety and health are improved steadily. Products and processes are analyzed systematically and measures are determined, implemented, checked, and evaluated.


SCC - Safety Certified Contractor

This improves the effectiveness and output of specialist staff, assists with the recognition of the significance of safety measures in the workplace and enables firms, which provide for training of their staff in accordance with SCC, to become contractors in the most sensitive areas, such as work in refineries, in the chemical industry and construction of generating plants. The core elements are training and examination in accordance with the SCC criteria. The auditor for SCC certification of a firm relies on a testing certificate from a testing organization recognized by the SCC sub-sector committee. 



Analyze the current situation

The available information is collected, categorized and analyzed. We then interview the assigned staff to analyze the input-output processes. That process defines the current situation. 

Set targets

Targets are set in cooperation with management. The targets are also discussed and defined in detail with the assigned staff leadership. This includes the setting of measurement metrics. 

Plan long-term improvements

The insights obtained are classified and documented. This work phase also includes the development of new metrics and the implementation of improvement management.

We can simplify or adjust the processes quickly and in a focused manner, thus reducing costs. In this process, our customers benefit from our skills not only financially - such an optimization process normally improves customer satisfaction and staff morale directly. 



This consulting service supports processes and implementation for suppliers such that good quality and error-free deliveries are assured and maintained throughout the supply chain. To this end, assistance is provided to the supplier in the development and maintenance of internally controlled processes to meet customer requirements and in the reduction of quality assurance costs for the customer and for the supplier. 


  •   Procurement 

  •   Logistics chain 

  •   From production to "End of Line" 

  •   Support for methods such as APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), and    FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis) 

  •   Claims and complaint handling 

  •   Improvement measures 

  •   Prevention 

  •   After Sales